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Summary SoftwareTool for documenting design patterns
Category process
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) pankaj_itbhu

Message from the owner(s)

I got this idea around 2 month back. Let us hope for the best!


Software tool to support design patterns documentation.

Research Assistants:

Pankaj Yadav,

Neeraj Kumar Jadaun.

Project Guide:

Prof. Anil K. Tripathi.


What is the goal of this project?

The Goal of this project to facilitate every individual developer to write-down his own patterns/experiences/design decision in an effective and efficient way.

The proposed tool will be like 'an organization specific design pattern repository'.

For more Information, please visit the  Homepage


Some basic assumptions laying at the CORE of the whole idea are:

1. Because of obvious reasons, Design patterns are more trusted within an organization.

2. There has been a great emphasis on "how to use existing patterns ?" but significantly
little has been done on "how to write down and maintain Design Patterns efficiently &

3. Some existing system like Wiki-Wiki Web are no doubt , good general purpose systems for
sharing information/knowledge . But a system specialized for software Design Patterns is required to harvest the potential of design patterns effectively.


Target client/users:

Employees of a medium to big size Software organization where there is great
potential of mutual learning through experience sharing, but direct interaction is difficult due
to large size/workload.

Key Features:

a) Template based Design Pattern writing assistance.
b) Search as you write, Interactive Writing-Assistance feature.
c) Support for easy uploading of pictures/diagrams/UML-diagrams and source code files.
d) Easy process of Interconnecting pattern. Making the process of dealing with
'Pattern Languages' and 'Patterns within pattern' a child's Play.
e) Reduction in Design Pattern evolution period: 'Design Experience to Design
Pattern Transformation' using automated rating features. This feature will the KEY feature which
implement semi-automated collaborative learning .
Hence, Now the very first use of a technique/solution by someone could be declared as Design Pattern in very short span of time. Resulting into significant reduction in design pattern evolution period and efforts !!